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"Big Buck Down" Wildlife Game Masters Playin' the Game
The owner of Wildlife Game Masters takes down a 130 class Pennsylvania Whitetail on the third day of the season
Added: 2477 days ago From tayhot
global.duration: 121.00
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10 point whitetail with monster brows
Mainframe 9 point with a crabclaw G2 and monster browtines. He is a pretty buck!
Added: 3252 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 331.33
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11pt Whitetail
He's running through the trees so you can't see just how pretty he is. I saw him the other day and he is a nice 6pt main frame on one side and 5 point on the other!
Added: 3250 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 18.97
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12 point Whitetail on the hoof
10 point mainframe with matching kickers off the brows. Pretty buck. Sorry for the shakiness. didn't have my tripod.
Added: 3252 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 34.69
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14pt Whitetail Buck!
Right side is a clean, mainframe 6pt with a split brow. Left side is a 5pt mainframe with a split G2, another kicker coming off the G2, and his brow is also trying to split.
Added: 2484 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 62.58
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3 whitetail button bucks
3 half year old whitetail button bucks
Added: 3283 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 316.89
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8pt Whitetail with Does
Not huge but pretty 8pt with some does
Added: 3251 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 45.06
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9 pt Long Tine Whitetail 2
Long main beam and tines with split G2.
Added: 3250 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 92.75
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Backyard Buck 9pt
Main frame 8pt with split G2. Local Backyard buck.
Added: 3251 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 60.59
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BC Whitey
My 2004 British Columbia Whitetail
Added: 3064 days ago From bushwacker
global.duration: 96.00
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Big 10 point Whitetail
Caught this guy taking a little midday nap!
Added: 2910 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 65.58
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Don\'s Monster Buck
Our Good Buddy From Star City Indina Killed This Awsome 24 Pointer with Double Drop Tines in 2008.This was His First Buck Killed Ever!!What a first deer,lol Beginners luck I Told Him.
Added: 3259 days ago From jamesis500
global.duration: 157.67
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idiot buck
caught in a swing
Added: 3627 days ago From frodeeimot
global.duration: 26.00
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idiot buck
caught in a swing
Added: 3627 days ago From frodeeimot
global.duration: 26.00
Views: 9408 | Comments: 3
IL Big 9pt Whitetail
This buck is easy 150 as a 9pt, could almost be hitting the 160" mark!
Added: 2488 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 128.63
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illinois deer hunts
trophy illinois deer hunts in the golden triangle. with lodgeing.
Added: 3076 days ago From tmasjukes
global.duration: 550.00
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Long tine 9pt
Not a lot of mass but long main beams and nice tines across the board. Has a split G2 to make the nine.
Added: 3250 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 79.05
Views: 2941 | Comments: 0
Monster 10 Pointer
Huge 10 pointer caught on video in pulaski county indiana,In July of 2008
Added: 3259 days ago From jamesis500
global.duration: 142.29
Views: 3644 | Comments: 1
Monster Bucks Filmed in July 2008
These Bucks Were Filmed in July of 2008 about a mile from my blind.
Added: 3259 days ago From jamesis500
global.duration: 376.29
Views: 7096 | Comments: 1
Monster Canadian Whitetails
Hunting Wild, Monster, Canadian Whitetail Bucks with Fry's Canadian Outback Outfitters Ltd.
Added: 3045 days ago From audi
global.duration: 94.00
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Monster Non-typical Double Main Beam Whitetail!
Don't even know where to start on this one! Double main beam, huge mass, palmation, flyers, kickers, 10 pts at least, and that's just one side; he's already dropped his other side!!
Added: 2484 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 73.60
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Monster Trail Camera Whitetails
Canadian Whitetails caught on trail camera by Brad Fry of Fry's Canadian Outback Outfitters.
Added: 3036 days ago From audi
global.duration: 60.00
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montana whitetail hunting
took my soon out on his first hunting trip and....
Added: 2486 days ago From huntersrwg
global.duration: 212.00
Views: 2255 | Comments: 1
MT lunker whitetail
My 16 year-old son shot this buck last fall in MT. A real whopper. Enjoy!
Added: 3842 days ago From Clynt
global.duration: 286.51
Views: 6516 | Comments: 1
MT Whitetail Clips 2005
My 15 year old son, Matthew, shot this nice buck after we called him in using a Primos Can Call. I was a skeptic of the call until this. I had to eliminate the calling audio sequence, as I compressed five minutes of calling footage to one minute. It sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. I hope this uploads completely so you can see it all.
Added: 3836 days ago From Clynt
global.duration: 157.92
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NM Whitetail
Whitetail deer in New Mexico
Added: 3006 days ago From Mtm6000
global.duration: 16.29
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Private Iowa Deer Hunts
Contact me because I believe you deserve to fill your tag on your hunt away from home when you come to Iowa or Missouri. 319-430-7892
Added: 1956 days ago From
global.duration: 50.02
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Trailer for the much anticipated August release of Warrior Outdoors big game DVD RACK ATTACK. Visit to pre-order today and get registered to win the Covert II trail camera package
Added: 3060 days ago From butcher307
global.duration: 73.00
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Sheep Hunting videos of Moose, Elk, Sheep, Caribou, Sheep Hunting_Stokes Trophy Quest Trailer
Stokes Trophy Quest Videos have some of the best the western states have to offer in big game hunting, They really take home some great trophies. Some of the best big game hunting that you will ever see.
Added: 2645 days ago From hhunter23
global.duration: 230.00
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Skullplax Deer plaque
How to mount a deer size skull on a Skullplax European plaque
Added: 1585 days ago From
global.duration: 565.00
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Small Whitetail buck from Treestand
Small 6 point following a doe
Added: 3283 days ago From Avsman
global.duration: 91.62
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Texas Pig Hunt
Whitetail hunt turns into a big pig hunt. Take them as they come.
Added: 2510 days ago From rosey77
global.duration: 303.00
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Trophy Missouri/Iowa Whitetail Hunts
See what it's like to hunt with Tails of the Hunt Outfitters in Iowa and Missouri. We believe our clients and success are the two most important aspects to our hunts.
Added: 1966 days ago From
global.duration: 224.42
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Utah Whitetail
Here is a northern Utah Whitetail
Added: 3724 days ago From DeadeyeProductions
global.duration: 35.97
Views: 14088 | Comments: 2
This is a very cool clip I found on YouTube. ------------------------------------ USING HEAD SETS MAKES YOU LIKE YOUR PART OF THE HUNT...Nichol went on her first deer hunt with Wilderness Memories. She seen many deer both mules and whitetail. We held out for a large buck but on the last evening she could not be fussy. Listen to the heartbeat of Nic's and how it increases just before she shoots,
Added: 2837 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 480.00
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What Does Your Buck Score? size is estimated visually by wildlife professionals and deer hunters. However, acceptance of techniques in popular books and magazines has masked the questionable accuracy of many commonly used methods. Trail-camera photographs are currently used to gather important information about a deer herd, but estimating antler size from photographs is limited to guessing. /nBuckScore satisfies the demand for an accurate tool for use on live white-tailed deer./nVisit today!
Added: 2534 days ago From fishon
global.duration: 30.05
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Whitetail 5x5
The last day the season.
Added: 3281 days ago From milad
global.duration: 74.05
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Whitetail Hunting Montana 2010(Trophy Whitetail)100% DO IT YOURSELF
(Please leave a comment!!!) I took my 6 year old son Bridger out on his first hunting trip (hike) up the mountain. With a little luck and some nice shooting lol.. the buck was down!! Another wet hunt paid off. He tells me that it was his best day ever!!! I have a hunting partner for life now!! Thank you Bridger....
Added: 2563 days ago From huntersrwg
global.duration: 208.00
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