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"Gillette" Mule Deer - Summer Scouting 07-24-10
Summer scouting for mule deer
Added: 2691 days ago From bucksmut
global.duration: 228.00
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"Trace" N. Utah Mule Deer - 07-28-10
Summer scouting for mule deer in the high alpine
Added: 2691 days ago From bucksmut
global.duration: 192.00
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Added: 2685 days ago From Nordyspice
global.duration: 121.00
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07 Archery Buck
Nice 4X3 Taken from 20 Yards
Added: 3779 days ago From lix06
global.duration: 71.00
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10x4 Triple Dropper
2003 British Columbia Muley
Added: 3123 days ago From bushwacker
global.duration: 67.00
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190 inch typical velvet buck
One of the biggest bucks I have on film to date.
Added: 3082 days ago From alphaarchercw
global.duration: 51.00
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197-Inch Archery Buck Goes Down!!!
Here's a cool clip from YouTube. The video was featured on one of Steve Alderman's videos. Real fun. ------------------------- Go with the Russ Meyer as he harvest one of his most spectacular trophies to date. Russ' Hoyt takes down a huge 197 inch mule deer at a mere eight teen yards. Thanks for joining us on webiside #7 of the "Mule Deer Minute" on
Added: 2701 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 422.00
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1st Glacier Landing
When flying out to my hunting area I was taken to this glacier first. It was as fun as a roller coaster ride to land on ice. My guide decided it would be better to relocate on the other side of the peak.
Added: 2701 days ago From rackman
global.duration: 44.24
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1st Success for Garrett & Sandie - Hunt of the Week
1st Success for Garrett & Sandie.
Added: 2631 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 454.59
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2 Weeks til opening scouting
Here's a collection of a few animals we saw scouting./nMusic: Troubador by George Strait Alright by Darius Rucker
Added: 3089 days ago From wapati12
global.duration: 363.00
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200 inch buck
a 32 inch wide, 200+ inch buck
Added: 3050 days ago From BigBucks
global.duration: 33.03
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200" typical
Big 200" typical mule deer seen on the winter range.
Added: 2801 days ago From elkcrazey75
global.duration: 14.67
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200+ net Typical
bout as pretty as a muledeer gets
Added: 2917 days ago From teterhorn
global.duration: 110.01
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2004 "Lefty" UT Archery Buck Scouting Footage
Ended up shooting this buck one week later on opening morning. The footage was from 2004, but I have never posted it before today. This was one of my pinnacle moments in my hunting career, where all the cards fell into place./nScouted this buck out during the summer and got "Lucky" with tagging him during the opener. Many other people were on to this buck that year.
Added: 2466 days ago From chase
global.duration: 1663.00
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2007 Monster Muley
I thought I used all my luck up in Wyoming, but guess not. Took this big boy just a few days ago.
Added: 3733 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 377.08
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2008 California Buck
Dan at Trophy Chasers wanted to share this clip of the huge buck that his buddy Gary shot in California this year.
Added: 3276 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 226.83
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2009 Velvet Muleys Teaser 1
Monster Mule Deer bucks in velvet
Added: 3019 days ago From stikflikr
global.duration: 55.96
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2010 Arizona Mule Deer Hunt! NO EXCUSES! Episode #4
Catch back up with us as we try to take a 190+ MONSTER Mule Deer with an over-the-counter archery tag. Craig Steele gets a reality check on how tough it is to spot & stalk a MONSTER Public Land Mule Deer with a bow. See a MONSTER Arizona Mule Deer & hear the EXCUSES... Isn't this the "NO EXCUSES SERIES"???
Added: 2644 days ago From david
global.duration: 492.00
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2010 Central Region Muzzleloader buck
This is a public land buck we found bedded, put on a five hour stalk and then shot it as it got up to feed.
Added: 2584 days ago From darrel
global.duration: 469.00
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2010 Colorado Muley Bucks
Bucks we saw on our 2010 Muley hunt. I ended up with a buck that we had not seen! Complete huntiing rental packages, gear rentals at
Added: 2672 days ago From chris
global.duration: 61.83
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2010 rifle buck
Tipi Wind Ranch Buck
Added: 2617 days ago From NVbushman
global.duration: 212.00
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2012 Book Cliffs Buck
Velvet Non Typ
Added: 1923 days ago From jneyes
global.duration: 127.55
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210 muledeer 6x5
32-33 wide, heavy, muley
Added: 2476 days ago From BigBucks
global.duration: 24.16
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A 35+ inch NT with 17 scoreable points
Added: 2600 days ago From BigBucks
global.duration: 38.64
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29" Smoke Pole Muley Buck
Kenny Upton smacks a big 29" Desert Mule Deer Buck (Arizona) with his muzzleloader. He passes on several small Mule Deer bucks, before he decides to lay the hammer down on his wide muley. Public Land mule deer hunting!
Added: 2734 days ago From david
global.duration: 532.00
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2nd Bowhunting Trip - Founder's Podcast
Did a 2 day trip. Saw a few bucks, but no arrows were launched.
Added: 2698 days ago From MonsterMuleys
global.duration: 626.24
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30 inch Colorado Muley
This was taken on a waterhole on Saturday during the rifle elk hunt.
Added: 3016 days ago From 4x4slayer
global.duration: 14.84
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30" Monster Desert Mule Deer taken by 10 YEAR OLD!
30"+ 6x7 Monster Desert Mule Deer Buck taken by a 10 Year Old! This was Sid's first hunt & mule deer buck. Sid took him with his open sight CVA .45 cal Muzzleloader. What a FIRST BUCK!
Added: 2601 days ago From david
global.duration: 167.00
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33 inch Velvet Buck
Nevada Velvet mulie buck, this video was taken minutes before my hunter sailed an arrow over his back
Added: 3594 days ago From Widowmaker
global.duration: 85.42
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40 inch buck
This 42 inch wide buck has 6 points on each side and is an impressive to see.
Added: 3050 days ago From BigBucks
global.duration: 33.03
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40 inch buck
40 incher in 96' 97' winter
Added: 2491 days ago From cch
global.duration: 34.50
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The 44mag buck
Added: 2731 days ago From deadeye
global.duration: 0.03
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4x4 buck
buck that i found
Added: 2683 days ago From BearCat1
global.duration: 65.90
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4x5 muley
A heavy 4x5 muley in the 190+ range
Added: 2322 days ago From BigBucks
global.duration: 47.86
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5x4 on the winter range. Score?
A mule deer i filmed on the Wyoming winter range.
Added: 2535 days ago From KGS1
global.duration: 25.46
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5x5 rutin muley
5x5 rutin muley
Added: 3078 days ago From muleyslayer1
global.duration: 95.00
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Added: 3458 days ago From 2pointer
global.duration: 67.00
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Velvet muley
Added: 2379 days ago From thefever
global.duration: 58.53
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muleys n utah
Added: 2388 days ago From thefever
global.duration: 68.13
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7x7 mule deer
7x7 non-typical mule deer
Added: 3671 days ago From HawkeyeBilt
global.duration: 18.02
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